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Base Adoption Fee: 


Our adoption fee includes spay/neuter, feline leukemia/FIV testing, vaccinations (FRCPx2, Dewormer x2), microchipping, Revolution flea/tick treatment, and grooming. Some cats may have had dental cleanings and/or blood panels to ensure health. 

* The adoption fee for rare breeds may be up to $300. Discounts may be available for special needs cats and kittens or for multiple cat adoptions. 

For full availability and more information about our cats please visit our PetFinder profile below:



If you see a cat you are interested in adoption, please submit an application. 

If the cat you are interested in is no longer listed below, he/she may already have an application pending or has been adopted. View our adoption application page to learn more about our process. 

Meet Our Cats

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