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You Can Be the Difference

As Furget Me Not Purebred Cat Rescue continues to grow, so do our expenses. The work we do is priceless; however, our work is not possible without your support. 

As Furget Me Not Purebred Cat Rescue grows to change more lives, our expenses grow as well. The work we do is priceless; however, our work is not possible without your support. 

100% of our adoption fees and donations go to help the cats. Our work at Furget Me Not is purely a labor of love. Please continue to make all our efforts for the cat and kittens we save possible!

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You can contribute a one time amount for general needs or you can mark your donation as recurring and the kitties will receive a donation every month from you! This will allow us to put the funds where they are needed the most. You can, of course, send a check via regular mail to our address if you prefer. 

If you would like your donation directed to a special kitty please remember to put the name or names of the kitties in the notes section. 

Why Give?

Every donation, large or small, enables Furget Me Not to work to our mission of emptying shelters and saving lives. 

We are forever grateful for each and every one of you. 

  • $ pays for one microchip

  • $ pays for one cat's vaccinations

  • $ pays for one cat's neuter

  • $ pays for one cat's spay

  • $ pays for one cat's dental work

  • $ pays for a complete senior cat vet trip 

  • $ pays for one eye surgery or # neuters/spays

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Other Ways to Give

You don't have to donate cash to aid our cats - though that is always appreciated here. 

Some other ways to help are: 

- the donation of blankets, pet beds, or pet toys. 

- volunteer to help with our social media or at one of adoption events.

- share the story of Furget Me Not Purebred Cat Rescue. Getting the word out can bring us one step closer to finding a forever home for one of our wonderful kitties!

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