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 Siamese  Pomona, CA

  • Kitten

  •  Male

  •  Medium

  •  Chocolate Point



Smart, Friendly, Brave, Affectionate






Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.



Meet Sergio

Sergio was saved from euthanasia list in the last moment
we rushed to his rescue on the second notice
And we were his last hope
He was found tuned over by the car
Had dislocated hip broken pelvis broken rib and lung injury
He was struggling
He went to surgery after we were able to stabilize him
Then he had to be in the small crate for few weeks to heal
Finally we were able to neuter him get him fully vetted and ready for new life
Despite horrible start in life he is just so grateful so thankful and so trusting
He has forgiven the human who left him outside and the one that run him over and left him on the side of the road
He focused fully on the people that help him to live
He is a hero
A survivor
Absolutely beautiful soul with much to give
But now it is a time for him to receive
To get
To be showered with love safety and trust
He is ready for Second chance in life
With human that will cuddle him to sleep and tell him how much they love him

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