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Jolly and Joy

 Ragamuffin  Pomona, CA

  • +Young

  •  Male

  •  Medium

  •  Blue Point, Blue Cream







Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.



Meet Jolly and Joy

Jolly and Joy
Boy Ragdolls
Police confiscation case
There were 4 cats in the house
we were notified at 10 pm
We said yes
Their human Dad died in the hospital after surgery
Cats were in the house with minimal to no care for 2 weeks
Terrified and hiding
They were going to be euthanized next day
We finally got permission to enter for the transporter
She came in with 3 cats
That was already 2 AM and I needed to get up at 5
But I drove to the house
I don’t know how the superpowers work
And I have no idea how I was navigated to the cat that was hiding in the piles of poop and vomit
I got him
It was all that mattered
I saw the linens on the bed where they used to sleep with their Daddy
It made me incredibly sad
We had to put all those images behind even it was very hard
They are vetted and ready to go home
So they can sleep on someone’s bed again
Cuddled at night and assured
Everything is gonna be ok
The other two cats are Ragdoll and Norwegian Forest cat Mix
We only will accept quiet and loving homes
Patience and light strokes while petting
They went through enough chaos
shy but loving babies
Only serious adopters please

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