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Quick Info:

Meet King Charles and King Henry bonded pair

King Charles and King Henry are not related
We saved them from euthanasia list from high kill shelter
They were about 6 oz each and arrived to the shelter just to be put down few hours later
I came for king Henry and another 2 oz newborn kitten
I learned that King Charles arrived few minutes prior to my arrival just to be immediately scheduled for euthanasia
I couldn’t leave him behind
In the moment I put them in the carrier they hugged each other
And been inseparable ever since
The most wonderful foster and bottle feeder Kellie took care of 4 kittens I brought to her
Compromising her sleep and free time
She adopted two
The Kings were given copious amount of love and attention
So they are absolutely social,loving,playful and confident
They sleep together, eat together,play together
They look after each other
They are soul brothers
They have been around other cats dogs and children over 10
They will be awesome family cats
I would think the family that adopts them will win a lottery with those gorgeous lovable cats
We DO NOT respond to inquiries without application
Application is at
Under adopt

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